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Decktec Deckboard Layout and Spacing System

$9.95$199.00 inc GST each

Product Update:

Please note, The Decktec waterproof joist pads are now included in every order free of charge!
An even better reason to give Decktec a go on your next job.

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Product Description

You’ll never build a deck again without Decktec


For 16 reasons why you should choose Decktec, please click on the video tab above.

What is Decktec?

Developed for Builders by Builders Decktec is an easy to lay strip that waterproofs the joist as well as providing built in spacers for that perfect deck layout. Once the boards are fixed down the spacers are then easily removed. Check out the video tab for more info.

Also available are Weatherproof Joining Pads to ensure the no water ever touches the joists!

Knowing that your joists are protected means you can build it right the first time. There will be every chance that your new decking will outlast you!

Check out Decktec instore or buy online.


  • 1140mm in Length to accommodate 12 x 90mm decking boards
  • Suitable for joists up to 50mm wide
  • Winged edges to deflect grit and water
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled material
  • UV stabilised
  • Strong durable, though easily removable spacers
  • Recessed nail locators
  • Raised ridges on fixed spacer, to penetrate timber up to 1mm with lateral expansion in damp and humid conditions
  • Australian Design, Australian Patent, Australian Owned, Australian manufactured
  • Light weight and durable

Additional Information

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Dimensions N/A
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