Face: 110mm high x 270mm wide
Sleeve:  90mm high x 237mm wide
Depth:  (from back of face) adjustable up to 500mm


The Milkcan Carrera Brick-in Letterbox is a rear opening Mailbox made up of a face plate, back plate and sleeve. The fascia is made from a brushed, chromated plastic and shuts flush.

NB. Includes a Galvanised Sleeve that can be expanded up to 500mm


  • Complete set – Front, Back & Sleeve (no other parts required)
  • Architecturally styled Plate Front and Back
  • Slide together sleeve
  • Key lock + 2 keys
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Water resistant mail slot
  • Theft resistant mail slot
  • High mail slot
    • Added security
    • More Mail capacity