Cypress Rough Sawn F7 125×75
  • Cypress Rough Sawn F7 125x75
  • Cypress Rough Sawn F7 125x75
  • Cypress Rough Sawn F7 125x75

Cypress Rough Sawn F7 125×75

$15.50$38.50 per length
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Product Description

Cypress Fence Posts 125×75 Rough Sawn

White Cypress Fence Posts 125×75 Rough Sawn are a great option for your next fence.  Naturally durable in ground (class 2) and termite resistant, White Cypress grown in Queensland is great value!

White Cypress Rough Sawn Posts are easy to machine and easy to work with.  Also known as 5×3 fence posts if you are still living in 1970.

Available in a range of sizes from 1.5m to 3.6m.

Come down to either of Demak Timber’s two stores and have a look at this wonderful Aussie species!  We are one of the largest Cypress retailers in Victoria with a full capable of a variety of machining services!

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Additional Information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 125 x 75 mm

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