The easiest way to stop unwanted animals from getting into your yard!

Thorny Devil is a great product if you need to stop animals getting into your yard, a unique design that instead of physically harming the intruding animals, causes a level of discomfort that stops them from continuing to climb the fence.

Fitting these spikes is a breeze, simply screw through the predrilled holes in both the top and bottom faces into your preexisting fence.

These spikes will also stop birds from coming to rest on your fence.

Product Dimensions

A length of Thorny Devil L section is 450mm long and is a 90 degree angle with both faces being 30mm deep, both faces have spikes protruding from them, one has a single row, the other has a double row of spikes running the full length of the strip. putting this on top of your fence will add a total of 15mm in height.