• illuminated glass pool fencing
  • illuminated glass pool fencing
  • illuminated glass pool fencing
  • illuminated glass pool fencing

Spartan Spigot for Illuminated Glass Pool Fencing (includes cover plate)

$115.00 inc GST each
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Brings glass to life

The Spartan Spigot requires the Spartan Light Kit and low iron glass to create illuminating effect.

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Product Description

Now your Backyard can have the “Wow Factor” it truly deserves!


Introducing the SPARTAN SPIGOT from Illuminated Balustrade Australia

With 16 colours to choose from you can set the mood as your glass fencing is lit up from below creating a stunning backyard feature!

What makes the Spartan Spigot unique and superior in the Australian market is its clever design.

Sleek and modern, all parts including the LED globes are replaceable. The Spartan Spigot conforms to all Australian standards.

Low Iron Glass is required to transmit the light from the spigot to the outer edge of the glass giving it the best effect.

Click here to purchase Low Iron Glass.


Did you know?

Spigots that are used within 1250mm of a pool or spa are required by law to be earthed. May as well wire them up for light too!

  • 2205 high grade stainless steel

  • Sleek new design

  • Various colours and finishes

  • Replaceable LED lights

  • Replaceable RBG colour controls

  • Engineered void for LED lighting
    (Spartan Light Kit sold separately)

  • Earth Point

  • Drain channels and light removal points

  • LED lighting can be changed without removing the spigot

  • RGB controller with 16 various colours to choose from

  • An engineered designed hole for easy lighting installation

  • Additional steel added where there were once weaknesses

Base Plate95mm x 95mm
Cover Plate100mm x 100mm
Mounting Points11.5mm
Glass Capacity12mm (max)

Items required to complete your Illuminated Balustrade

  • 2 Spigots per glass panel
  • Glass Panels
  • Spartan LED Light Pack
    This includes:

    • 1 x RGB Controller & Transformer
    • 16 x LED 12v lights
    • 16 x extension leads
    • 25 Metres of cable with T-junctions every 1.5m

Additional Information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 105 x 105 x 175 mm

Matte Black Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel


Do the spigots you are currently using comply with Australian Standards?

Pool A1926.1/2007 or  Balustrade A1170.1/2002

If you answer “NO”, you should not be using them!


At present, there is no governing body in Australia regulating the importation of spigots sold into our market.

Our research shows more than half of all the spigots sold into the Australian market are not certified to our standards.



Some might say “I will just drill a hole in a normal spigot, install a light and l have the same result”. “False”. Drilling a hole in a standard spigot will compromise the spigots structural integrity.

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