Install decking in half the time!

Use the Camo ClipDRIVE tool to speed up installation and save your back!

No longer do you need to crawl around on your hands and knees manually screwing down each board.

With Camo’s ClipDRIVE, just stand up, attach your drill and let the tool do all the hard work!

Camo ClipDRIVEis:

  • Fastens grooved boards from a standing position
  • Designed to work hand in hand with the Camo’s diverse range of grooved deck fixings
  • Height fully adjustable with ergonomic hand grip to reduce strain
  • Tradie grade durability – heavy duty whilst still being light and compact

Camo ClipDRIVE won’t:

  • Rust or corrode, constructed from durable steel
  • Jam or stick – Camo’s unique design prevents faults like this from occurring
  • Cause long term injuries how working on your hands and knees will

For best use of the Camo ClipDRIVE tool, grab yourself a Camo Lever Tool too!

Camo 2021 Training Guide