Nivo Adjustable Decking Pedestals (with joist hang tab)

Top head with joist support

Height adjustment by micrometric jack

Supports up to 500 kg (in high position) and up to 1000 kg (in the low position), compression load centered on the head of the pedestal

Resistant to UV, atmospheric agents, and temperatures between -30°C and +60°C

Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable

Allows air circulation under the deck, as well as the passage of cables and ducts

Complies with decking installation standards

60mm extension coupler

60mm extension for 140-230mm pedestals. Up to 5 extensions can be stacked on top of each others to reach a maximum height of 530 mm while maintaining a stable base.

2 to 5% slope corrector

The NIVO® Slope Corrector provides a slope compensation of 2 to 5%.

The solid connection with the base of the pedestal provides good stability for your slab or joist-mounted deck.

1 x Slope Corrector = 1-2 Degrees
2 x Slope Correctors = 3-5 Degrees
(Max 2 discs per Pedestal)