SPAX Decking Screw Accessory Kit: The Essential Decking Companion

All-in-One Decking Solution

The SPAX Decking Screw Accessory Kit is an essential toolset for any decking project. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to achieve a professional finish and ensure your deck is built to last.

High-Quality Components

Inside, you’ll find two SPAX T-STAR Plus T25 driver bits (50mm long) for secure fastening, six SPAX deck board spacers for perfect alignment, and a SPAX pencil for precise marking. Additionally, the kit features a SPAX hardwood step-drill for clean pre-drilling and a replacement drill-bit to keep your work uninterrupted.

Packed for Convenience

Everything is neatly packed in a handy SPAX L BOXX Mini, ensuring your tools are organized and easily accessible.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x SPAX T-STAR Plus T25 Driver Bits (50mm)
  • 6x SPAX Deck Board Spacers
  • 1x SPAX Hardwood Step-Drill 4 (4.0/6.5)
  • 1x Drill-Bit 4.0 x 75 HSS-G
  • 1x SPAX Pencil

Make your decking project smoother and more efficient with the SPAX Decking Screw Accessory Kit.