SPAX T-STAR Plus Drive Bits: Precision and Efficiency for SPAX Screws

Designed for SPAX Screws

SPAX T-STAR Plus Drive Bits are specifically engineered to pair perfectly with SPAX screws, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Wide Range of Sizes

Available in bit sizes from T10 to T50, there’s a SPAX T-STAR Plus Drive Bit for every task, providing the versatility you need for any project.

Enhanced Performance

Achieve better force transmission, longer service life, and quicker insertion with SPAX T-STAR Plus Drive Bits. Their precise fit saves you time and money, reducing wear and tear on both the bits and screws.

Easy Identification

Colour coding makes it fast and easy to find the right bit, streamlining your workflow and keeping your projects on track.

Upgrade to SPAX T-STAR Plus Drive Bits for a professional finish and efficient, hassle-free screw driving.