Upgrade to SPAX Washer Head Screws: Your Economical Coach Screw Alternative

Discover the superior choice for robust construction with SPAX Washer Head Screws, designed to surpass traditional coach screws in performance and efficiency.

Exceptional Corrosion Protection

Featuring the exclusive DELTA-SEAL coating, SPAX Washer Head Screws offer high resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity in diverse environments.

Perfect for Treated Timber

Ideal for use in CCA and ACQ treated timber, these screws are engineered to withstand the elements without compromising strength or durability.

Efficiency with SPAX T-STAR plus

The innovative T-STAR plus drive system ensures secure fastening with reduced cam-out, enhancing productivity and reducing the number of screws required.

Optimal Clamping Force and Quick Fastening

The washer head design guarantees higher clamping force, while ground serrations facilitate quick and easy installation, saving valuable time on your project.

Precision Engineering for Reliability

Equipped with a 4CUT point that minimizes splitting and reduces screwing-in torque, SPAX Washer Head Screws offer precision and reliability in every application.

Upgrade your construction projects with SPAX Washer Head Screws – the smart choice for efficiency, durability, and superior performance.