25x25mm Gal Steel Welded Single Gate Frame

25x25mm Gal Steel Welded Single Gate Frame

$125.00 each
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Product Description

25×25 Galvanised Steel Gates – Various Sizes


Perfect for cladding with:

  • Pickets
  • Palings
  • Colorbond
  • Lattice
  • Merbau Screening

Made from 25x25x1.6mm Gal RHS. (Galvanised inside and out)

Welds are ground flat on the front of the gate for a smooth finish to fix to. (Not ground on the back to keep the weld strong)

All welds are coated with a galvanised paint.

Standard frame includes a pad bolt at the top and provision for a ring latch (sold separately) in the middle.

Hinges are welded to the back of the frame and are designed to be screwed to the back of the post allowing for a swing opening of 180 degrees.

Bearing Weld on Hinge Right Hand

Looking at the back of the gate (not the clad side). Standard setup for a Right Hand Hinged Gate. Gate opens inwards (towards you in the above picture).


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Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1850 x 900 x 40 mm

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