Face: 210mm high x 400mm wide
Box:  170mm high x 385mm wide
Depth:  (from back of face) 250mm
can be cut shorter if required with angle grinder or tin snips


The Palazzo offers you something special for your brickwork and combines European style with ultimate functionality all in one product

The architecturally styled front plate is constructed from thick-plate 304 grade stainless steel. The mail slot is located higher than normal to maximise mail capacity and prevent mail theft. The mail slot has a rain resistant deign and features a key lock to further ensure peace of mind.

The Palazzo features an easy to assemble, slide together sleeve. For a perfect fit in your brick work it is recommended to install the Palazzo during construction. The are also holes provided to add tie wires into the mortar for added stability.


    • Complete set – Front & Sleeve (no other parts required)
    • Architecturally styled thick Plate Front and Back
    • Slide together sleeve
    • Takes A4 mail
    • Key lock + 4 keys
    • 304 grade stainless steel
    • Water resistant mail slot
    • Theft resistant mail slot
    • High mail slot
      • Added security
      • More Mail capacity