An awesome logo that hits different, very warm and you’re supporting local. What’s not to love?

We know those big box timber and hardware stores entice you with their branded hoodies, but if you really want to slay then you need to be seen in our limited edition Demak Hoody.

I’ll list a few reasons why you should buy one of our hoodies:

  • You’ll be supporting local
  • Unique logo design
  • Very Warm
  • Everyone will think you’re cool AF
  • You’ll be a part of a pretty awesome group of people who also wear these snatched hoodies
  • It has a very comfy hood, to shield your head from the weather.

    The only downside is you’ll be really popular and people won’t stop asking where you got such a cool hoodie from!

These hoodies are ASColour, so you know the quality will be absolutely schmicko, they’ve also been hand-printed by our friends at United Apparel (the same company that prints Ghanda’s clothes).
ASColour, also pride themselves on being an ethical company with a small supply chain.  So you know every hoodie is made with love!

We also love when you “wear and share” our merch on social media, so you can also boost that influencer rating you might have going for you by getting reposted by us.

The best photos we see will earn a free delivery from us, so get creative!