Australian Radial Red Gum Battens 42×32

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Product Description

Australian Redgum has never looked so good!

A modern take on our beautiful and vibrant Redgum Species, the bevelled edges will never disappoint!



Colour and appearance: This timber typically features a rich reddish-brown hue, although the colour can vary from light pink to deep brown.
The wood often has a straight or interlocked grain pattern, which contributes to its visual appeal.

Durability: Redgum timber is known for its natural resistance to decay, termites, and other pests.
This durability makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as decking, fencing, and outdoor furniture.

Workability: While redgum timber can be difficult to work with due to its density, it can be successfully machined, sawn, and planed using appropriate tools and techniques.
Pre-drilling is often recommended for nailing and screwing to prevent splitting.

Redgum is a Class 1 above-ground timber and a Class 2 in-ground use.

The only downside to these battens is once they’re gone, we won’t be able to get them back.
So get in quick!

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Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 2400 x 43 x 43 mm

1.8 Metres, 2.4 Metres

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