Forget about the standard, low quality, knotty grade Weatherboards that the “lowest price” joints keep with the rest of their bent and bowed timber. These Premium Grade boards are the “Real Deal”!

Engineered to ensure that every piece is “ready for installation”. With a unique two coats priming system, the Premium pre-Primed Weatherboards are ready for the final top coats.

Made from plantation grown Paulownia species. Paulownia is a light weight hardwood. It performs better than traditional Baltic Spruce & Radiata Pine Weatherboard species.

Premium pre-Primed Weatherboards

  • Defect Free, F/J & Laminated Boards
  • No Knots, Piths, Split ends
  • Smooth dressed boards
  • No sawn or raised grain
  • Two coats primer system all around the boards
  • Ready for top coats. Apply two coats of a quality exterior paint
  • Less susceptible to shrinkage compared to Baltic & Radiata species
  • Timber is lighter and easier to work with compared to cement
  • Available in 175mm & 225mm sizes
  • Long lengths availability in 5.4 & 6.0 metres

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