A steel post system perfect for use with any timber subframe!

Engineered to go hand in hand with Boxspan, but compatible with any bearer and joist combination!

Due to Spantecs patented design, the Ezi Pier system can be used with nearly all subframes.

Making use of strong galvanised steel L Brackets on the heads the brackets can hold most standard bearers and joists.

The real beauty of the system comes from its unique adjustable head. Simply use the nuts underneath the head to easily wind up and down.

How to set your height:

The most important part of building your deck is setting your heights right, and depending on what surface you’re building on, this can change dramatically.

Building over soil: When you’re building a deck over soil, it is critical to make sure you allow for enough post depth in-ground, a common rule of thumb is to go the same amount in-ground as you do out.  We recommend using high-strength concrete to set your posts, and using a laser to make sure your heights are perfect.

Building over concrete: A practice that is becoming more and more common, is building a deck over an alfresco area of the house, and this means building over a concrete slab. Doing this means you have to be much more accurate with your post heights, if you’d like us to cut the posts to exactly what you need, please specify this in the notes section of your order. Building over concrete also means we will provide baseplates for you to bolt down into the slab.


Ezipier is compatible with 90×90 and 75x75mm SHS steel. All you need to do is select the length you require and we will provide all the associated hardware.

For example, if you select a 90×90 post at 2.0m in length, we will provide:

  • 1 x 90x90x2.0mm SHS steel post
  • 1 x 90×75 Head to suit timber subframes and 90mm posts
  • 2 x Self-tapping screws for fixing heads to posts (12-24×32)
  • If required, 1 x Baseplate to suit 90mm post, including screws

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