SPAX Antique Finish Screws: Perfect for Timber Decks and Facades

Enhance the charm of timber decks and facades with SPAX Antique Finish Screws, designed for both aesthetic appeal and superior performance.

Distinctive Antique Decorative Finish

Thermal processing gives SPAX Antique Finish Screws a unique antique decorative finish, adding character to your outdoor or facade projects.

Efficient Fastening with SPAX T-STAR plus

Equipped with SPAX T-STAR plus drive system, these screws ensure secure and efficient installation, reducing the risk of cam-out and enhancing productivity.

Sleek Appearance and Secure Fixing

The cylindrical head of SPAX Antique Finish Screws pulls flush into the wood, providing a seamless appearance while securely fixing the top board tightly to the joist or facade structure.

Maintenance-Free Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind with SPAX Antique Finish Screws – eliminate squeaky boards and the need for re-tightening, thanks to their reliable fixing thread and robust design.

Ease of Installation

Ground serrations facilitate quick and easy installation, while the CUT point reduces splitting, ensuring precise assembly without compromising the wood.

Optimal Performance as Part of the SPAX System

For best results, use SPAX Antique Finish Screws as part of the complete SPAX system, ensuring compatibility and maximizing the durability and aesthetics of your timber projects.

Transform your outdoor spaces and facades with SPAX Antique Finish Screws – the perfect blend of style, functionality, and lasting quality.