SPAX Stainless Steel Screws: Perfect for Timber Decks

Elevate your timber decks with SPAX Stainless Steel Screws, crafted for durability, reliability, and aesthetic appeal.

Premium Stainless Steel Construction

Made from A2/304 Stainless Steel, SPAX Stainless Steel Screws offer exceptional corrosion resistance, ideal for outdoor applications and ensuring longevity.

Efficient Fastening with SPAX T-STAR plus

Featuring the SPAX T-STAR plus drive system, these screws provide secure and efficient installation, reducing the risk of cam-out and enhancing productivity.

Sleek Appearance and Secure Fixing

The cylindrical head of SPAX Stainless Steel Screws pulls flush into the wood, providing a seamless appearance while securely fixing the top board tightly to the joist.

Maintenance-Free Assurance

Experience peace of mind with SPAX Stainless Steel Screws – eliminate squeaky boards and the need for re-tightening, thanks to their reliable fixing thread and robust design.

Easy Installation Process

Ground serrations on SPAX Stainless Steel Screws facilitate quick and effortless installation, while the CUT point reduces splitting, ensuring precise assembly without damaging the wood.

Part of the Comprehensive SPAX System

For optimal performance, integrate SPAX Stainless Steel Screws into your complete SPAX system, ensuring compatibility and maximizing durability and aesthetics for your timber decks.

Enhance your outdoor spaces with SPAX Stainless Steel Screws – the ultimate choice for strength, style, and lasting quality in timber deck construction.