Hidden fasteners done right

Do you want a way to install your Merbau deck but don’t like the look of screws sticking out?

This is the answer for you!

The Starborn system is now giving customers a way to have a Merbau deck that has no visible screws or fixings.

Being 316 stainless and 8g x 40mm, these are perfect for use in all conditions of Australia.

More appealing than your standard stainless screws, and comes in handy if you’ve opted to use a hidden fixing system on your deck, these can be used on your perimeter boards to ensure you keep the natural look of your Merbau boards, the whole way along.

If you’re passionate about showcasing the stunning allure of Merbau and desire an uninterrupted view of its rich tones and textures, the Starborn Pro Plug hidden fastener system is undeniably the way to go.
Enjoy a deck that seamlessly blends with its surroundings and allows the true essence of Merbau to shine through.