We are commonly asked in store over the counter, “but which one is the best decking screw…?”Wurth Logo

This is the only answer we ever give.

The Amazing Self Drilling, Self Embedding, Self countersinking Wurth Decking Screw! Tradies and DIY alike are often sceptical about not predrilling (we still reccomend drilling any joins) but after doing one job with Wurth Screws they are all converts and swear it’s the only product they’ll ever use again.

Want to have a go first? Call in to either of our stores and put a couple of screws into our decking sample.

ASSY Plus RS Decking Screw A2

Self Countersinking

  • For fixing timber decking to timber sub frame.
  • Reduced countersunk head 7.5 mm Ø.
  • AW 10 drive. Material: Stainless steel A2.
  • Asymmetrical course thread.
  • Serrated shank grips decking / floor board eliminating squeaking.
  • Self drilling tip (no pre-drilling required).


What are Assy Screws?

Assy Screws offer a high-tech asymmetrical/symmetrical double thread design. The patented AW-drive design combines all the advantages of Phillips, Torx, and Pozi drive bits. The AW-drive is similar to a Torx, but it is tapered, which gives you more contact points inside the head of the screw – enabling accurate screw placement and the “No Come-Out” design prevents screw head damage. The screws also go through an additional annealing process which makes them more malleable.