Deck-Protect Water Based Bamboo Sealer

Waterbased so it can be posted / sent by courier!!

Bamboo Sealer is a water-based exterior, self-priming pigmented topcoat designed for use on bamboo surfaces with an enhanced transparent appearance.

Bamboo Sealer exhibits excellent adhesion and flexibility properties, medium to high gloss, and very good exterior durability to direct sunlight

Surface Preparation

  1. All grease, oil, grime, sap, and other contaminants must be removed using Deck Bright water based cleaning solution
  2. All solvent based and water based oils should be removed by applying water based Timber Clean
  3. It is advised that painted surfaces be sanded back to a raw Bamboo before application of Aqualis Bamboo Sealer, or alternatively apply water based Strip Ease assisted by scouring to remove stains, acrylic, polyurethanes etc. followed by washing with Timber Prep to neutralise the surface (this is very important). Do not apply Aqualis Bamboo Sealer on wet Bamboo as this may cause film defects such as loss of adhesion and uneven pigmentation.


1st Coat: Apply Aqualis Bamboo Sealer using an industrial coating brush, paintbrush, Pressure Spray or Rag, into the Bamboo. Wipe off all excess material with the brush or rag and allow 1 – 2 Hours for curing depending on the weather conditions.

2nd Coat: Subsequent coats may be applied as outlined above ensuring Aqualis Bamboo Sealer is evenly applied to the surface. Usually, 2 coats are adequate for Bamboo screening and up to 3 coats for outdoor Bamboo furniture.

Note: Colour will deepen with the number of coats applied.


It is recommended that an annual inspection of the coated bamboo is carried out to determine if another coat is required. Any sign of mould/microbial attack or deterioration of coating should be attended to immediately. Wash the surface with Deck Bright, following the instructions on the label, and allow the surface to dry, and if needed, lightly sand the surface with 320 grit paper prior to re-application of a fresh coat

Where To Use:

Bamboo screening, fences, gates, doors, and furniture

Coverage m²/L:

  • Up To 20 m2/lt

Number Of Coats:

  • Up to 3 applications

Time Between Re-coats:

  • 1 – 2 Hours

Drying Time:

  • 5-10 minutes touch dry at an ambient temperature of 25 ̊ C with good ventilation.

Clean Up:

  • Water

Available Sizes

  • 4 Litres, 10 Litres