Aside from being incredibly cute, these specially designed earmuffs for bub will protect their sensitive hearing in all sorts of loud environments.

Available in 8 different colours:

Army Camo 7351_zoom Black 7352_zoom
 Black Oyster Pearl
7353_zoom Blue / White 7354_zoom
Coral 7355_zoom    Lemon Floral 7356_zoom
Pink / White 7357_zoom White 7358_zoom
Stars n Stripes ems-4-bubs-earmuffs-stars-n-stripes Green n Gold ems-4-bubs-white-baby-earmuffs-green_gold

Why stop at just one headband? Click here to purchase more colours and bling up your baby…

Suitable for use by newborns up until about 18 months old

Weighing only 100grams, The World’s first earmuffs designed exclusively for babies!