Just in time for Christmas! 

Kids Audio Earmuffs

A must for all parents who care about their kids hearing!

Kids Audio Earmuffs have a collapsible design allows headphones to be easily stored and transported in a stylish carry case

In built audio limiting ensures maximum output range of 85db ± 4db

Propriety design ensures Class 3 level external noise reduction

Custom designed strain relief for maximum strength and durability

Adjustable sizing for a customised fit

Weighing in at a bantamweight of 220 grams, these slick, modern headphones allow a capped decibel output of 85 so you can relax knowing your kids aren’t killing there ears listening to Dora, Dory, Elsa or Tay Tay in the backseat of your next family road trip!


  • Built in volume limiting, ensuring the volume never reaches above 85dB – the maximum recommended level for prolonged exposure*
  • Inline volume adjustment
  • Internal acoustic treatment, to help reduce external noise
  • Built in strain relief to ensure the audio cord can’t be pulled out of the earmuff cups
  • Size adjustable
  • Includes zippable carry hardcase

The recommended age range for Em’s 4 Kids Earmuffs is 12 months to mid-teens.

* American Speech, Language and Hearing Association; U.S. Center for Hearing & Communication