Galvanised Steel Checked Out Fence Posts (includes cap)

Galvanised Steel Checked Out Fence Posts (includes cap)

$44.00 $72.50 inc GST each

Please Note: Due to the handling and metal tags sticking out, we are unable to supply these posts outside of Melbourne. Unfortunately, they get damaged by the courier.

Product Brand:


Product Brand:



A fence post that will never rot!

Rotting fence posts are the bane of both fencers and homeowners alike.

They can result in fences that are not only a sore to the eye but can also be extremely dangerous.

Steel posts are stronger and last forever.

Steel galvanized fence posts are option for someone looking for a long term solution for their fence.

These posts are already checked out where the rails would go and come with guide lines for the plinth.

Installing these posts couldn’t be easier!

The specifics:

Post lengths:

  • Product Code SST26 – 2639mm (Your standard 2.7m post equivalent to suit 1.8m paling with double plinth)
  • Product Code SST27 – 2745mm (To suit 1.8m paling fences with capping)
  • Product Code SST303 – 3000mm (To suit 1.8m palings, this post has 3 rails)
  • Product Code SST30 – 3000mm (To suit fences with 2.1 palings, this post has 4 rails)
  • Product Code SST32 – 3220mm (To suit 2.4m palings, this has 4 rails)

What Screws do I need?

  • 12g x 45mm Timber Gal Hex Head for the rails (6 per post)
  • 14g x 50mm Metal Gal Bugle Head for the plinth (2 per post)

What Angle can the Rails go to?

Without modifying the checkouts, the rails can be installed at a maximum of 80mm out of square for every 1000mm of length.

115 x 75

Galvanised steel

Comes with a post cap to prevent water from getting in the top

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 125 × 75 mm

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