Galvanised Counter Sunk Self embedding Timber Screws Philips Head

Galvanised Counter Sunk Self embedding Timber Screws Phillips Head


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Product Description

Woodscrew Phillips Head

Light Green A Phillips head woodscrew, tapered thread, for hinges, locks, brackets and angles in Zinc Plate and Brass Plate.

Screw Components

Screw Finishes Applies to the coating of the screws.
Screw Thread Types Applies to the portions along the length of the screw or ‘shank or thread’ which has various styles depending on your application requirements.
Screw Point Types Point is the at the opposite end to the head of the screw and is available in a range of different types depending on the job at hand; for more informationclick here >>
Screw Head Types The head type required will vary greatly depending on your application.
Screw Drill Points Depending on what type of screw head is required for your job you’ll need a specific drill point to assist with screwing this in: for more information.

Unlike nails where you typically need a longer nail for holding power, screws can generally use shorter lengths due to the thread which has superior holding power – please check in-store with your local hardware retailer or follow your project instructions for specific screw length for your job as they can varies dependant on application; structural or cosmetic uses.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 3 x 20 x 10 mm

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