SPAX Timber to Steel Screws: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Fixing

Revolutionise timber-to-steel applications with SPAX Timber to Steel Screws, engineered for unparalleled strength and reliability.

Versatile Application Range

Perfect for board thicknesses ranging from 16mm to 22mm, SPAX Timber to Steel Screws provide versatile solutions across various construction projects.

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Featuring the exclusive DELTA-SEAL coating, these screws offer high corrosion protection, ensuring durability in demanding environments.

Enhanced Performance with SPAX T-STAR plus

Equipped with SPAX T-STAR plus drive system, these screws deliver secure fastening with reduced cam-out, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Sleek Appearance and Superior Fixing

The cylindrical head of SPAX Timber to Steel Screws pulls flush into the wood, providing a seamless appearance while securely fixing the top board tightly to the joist.

Eliminate Maintenance Hassles

Say goodbye to squeaky boards and the need for re-tightening with SPAX Timber to Steel Screws, designed for long-term stability and peace of mind.

Efficient Installation

Ground serrations ensure quick and easy installation, while the SPAX drill point effortlessly predrills the steel sub frame, optimizing efficiency and precision.

Integrated System

For optimal performance, use SPAX Timber to Steel Screws in conjunction with the full SPAX system, ensuring compatibility and maximizing effectiveness in your projects.

Elevate your construction projects with SPAX Timber to Steel Screws – the definitive choice for secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing results.