Update July 2023. Now also available in 316 Stainless Steel!!!

roof extenda animationThe Brilliant and Loved by Builders, Roof Extenda Bracket!

Over the years we’ve sold hundreds of these to both Builders and DIY’ers alike. A clean, neat way to fix a pergola to an existing roof.

Half the number of posts required. Share the same gutter. Easily raise the roof height to fit the caravan or boat into the new carport…

The Engineered solution is here.

S Series Roof Extenda Bracket

(measured from the top plate to the bottom of new beam)

  • Standard 250-310mm
Suggested Spacings between Brackets:
(i.e. How many brackets do I need..?)
  • 190 x 45 Main Beam: 1800mm – 2400mm, Overhang 500mm max.
  • 240 x 45 Main Beam: 1800mm – 2400mm, Overhang 1000mm max.