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  • Outdure Qwickbuild Qwickclips for Composite Decking

    $1.30$2.00 inc GST per clip
  • Placeholder

    Outdure Qwickbuild Brackets

    $3.80$6.80 inc GST per bracket (not box)
  • Ezi Pier system using steel subframe and steel posts bolted with base plates into concrete pad

    Steel Spantec Subframe Brackets

    $4.10$27.48 inc GST each
  • Outdure Qwickbuild Adjustable Height Pedestal Jacks

    $2.50$22.20 inc GST each
  • Spantec Steel Subframe Flooring – Boxspan

    $146.40$330.40 inc GST Length
  • Outdure Qwickbuild Subframe Profile Joists

    $69.85$307.30 inc GST per length