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  • Builders Quickset (Rapid Set) Concrete  20Kg

    Builders Quick Set Concrete Mix 20Kg

    $8.75 per bag
  • Builders Concrete Mix  20Kg

    Builders Concrete Mix 20Kg

    $8.35 per bag
  • Australian Builders - High strength concrete

    Builders High Strength Concrete (40MPA)

    $8.75 inc GST per bag
  • Builders Cement  20Kg

    Builders Cement 20Kg

    $9.20 per bag
  • Builders Mortar Mix  20Kg

    Builders Mortar Mix 20Kg

    $8.65 per bag


To help with social distancing we are now offering free, next day delivery on all goods within 10km of our stores.
This can be a truckload of timber or just 1 packet of screws.
Use the code 'Corona' at checkout. Your delivery charge will be manually refunded if you are within the 10km radius.
More info here: Corona Virus Update