From the makers of one of the most popular joist protection tapes in the world

Comes the 2010GD or more affectionately “a pretty gold tape“.
Even with its breathtaking shiny colour, don’t underestimate the power of this tape. You’ll want to be using this as your everyday tape.

Part of the 2010 series, these tapes are available in a range of different colours. They’re extremely adhesive but also offer low residue removal.
This range of tapes comes in handy for packaging, masking and labelling.

This tape makes excellent repair tape for visqueen or tarps.


Easy to use – Designed to be easy and clean tear.

Temperature resistant- Does not lose adhesion in the sun or cold

UV Resistant- Not as UV resisitant as other G-Tape tapes

Longevity- Extremely long-lasting, can be kept in storage for long periods of time and still be just as grippy as the day you bought it!