From the makers of one of the most popular joist protection tapes in the world

Comes the 3030WH. A strong and reliable single-sided tape, built with a laminated polyethylene cloth and unique acrylic adhesive.
Designed to replace butyl tapes used in building and construction applications.

The highest-rated tape for building wrap on the market.  It will stick where other tapes won’t.


Easy to use – Can be torn off with one clean tear, which means less waste

Waterproof- Can be used to quickly waterproof objects

Repositionable – Can be moved with no fuss, tape doesn’t wrinkle

Temperature resistant- Usable in temperatures from -40° Celsius all the way to 93° Celsius

UV Resistant- Manufactured to resist disintegration due UV protection

Longevity- Extremely long-lasting

Chemically Resistant- Resistant to a range of chemicals commonly found on building sites

Strong – Excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces, adheres well to foam insulation and gypsum sheathing.

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