From the makers of one of the most popular joist protection tapes in the world

Comes the 1008SW or “Snow White”. Versatile, high durability and extremely long-lasting.

This is the tape you want for those jobs where only the strongest of the strong will do.

Being able to withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrums, be resistant to most conditions, and still be removed up to twelve months later leaving no residue behind.


Marine Grade- Can be used in and around salt water areas like docks and salt water pools.

Waterproof- Can be used to waterproof objects

Titanium Oxide Infused- Designed to leave no residue behind even after being applied for up to twelve months

Temperature resistant- Usable in temperatures from -29° Celsius all the way to 93° Celsius

UV Resistant- Manufactured to resist disintegration due UV protection

Longevity- Extremely long-lasting

Chemically Resistant- Resistant to a range of chemicals commonly found of building sites