Nichigo Black G-Tape 2-Sided Flashing Tape – 50mm x 20m (2″)

Nichigo Black G-Tape 2-Sided Flashing Tape – 50mm x 20m (2″)

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This product is also sold in a 1″ (25mm) click here

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From the makers of one of the most popular joist protection tapes in the world

Comes the 9030BK.
A tough double-sided tape, its backing substrate is a unique polyethylene cloth laminated with LDPE.
This tape provides superior physical properties and easy handling features compared with other conventional tapes.

This is the tape you want for those jobs where only the strongest of the strong will do.


Waterproof and airtight – Can be used to waterproof objects, perfect for sealing tight gaps

Temperature resistant- Usable in temperatures from -20° Celsius all the way to 87° Celsius

UV Resistant- Manufactured to resist disintegration due UV protection

Longevity- Extremely long-lasting

Chemically Resistant- Resistant to a range of chemicals commonly found on building sites

High dimensional stability – Won’t wrinkle when reapplied, also won’t generate wrinkles on house wrap.

No carbon or asphalt – This means no black marks are left on building materials.

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We also sell this in a 1″ (25mm) click here

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 50 mm


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