From the makers of one of the most popular joist protection tapes in the world

Comes the 2010AL. Part of the 2010 series, these tapes are available in a range of different colours. They’re extremely adhesive but also offer low residue removal.
This range of tapes comes in handy for packaging, masking and labelling.

However, this one is special.  It doubles as seeming and splicing tape for insulation. As it can withstand a wide range of temperatures it’s perfect for HVAC tape.


Wide range of uses – Can be used as regular masking, packaging or labelling tape, as well as insulation or HVAC tape in construction.

Waterproof- This tape is water and weatherproof.

High-Dimensional Stability- Designed to be repositioned and not wrinkle when reapplied.

Temperature resistant- Usable in temperatures from -40° Celsius all the way to 93° Celsius.

UV Resistant- Manufactured to resist disintegration due to UV protection.

Longevity- Extremely long-lasting.

Chemically Resistant- Resistant to a range of chemicals commonly found on building sites.

Safe to use – The tape edge is not as sharp as aluminium foil.

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