Enhance the lifespan of your joists with tesa® JoistSeal

tesa® JoistSeal is constructed with a PET/PE woven fabric backing combined with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. The waterproof backing is easily hand tearable to allow for quick and seamless application, while still maintaining its durability to avoid splitting and fraying over time.

The high-performance weather resistant adhesive allows for long term application in colder climates and is designed to stick well to all types of joists.

tesa® JoistSeal incorporates a linerless self-wound construction, meaning faster application and less mess on site. Users can expect up to 2x faster application when compared to traditional liner-based tapes.  The end result: A reliable and durable joist protection tape that is quick and easy to apply, and will significantly extend the lifespan of joists.

Key Features

  • Linerless design – Less waste and quicker application
  • Excellent long-term adhesion on joists
  • Weatherproof design prevents water ingress and enhances the lifespan of the joist