Quality Merbau Decking 70mmx19mm KD (Set Lengths)

Quality Merbau Decking 70mmx19mm KD (Set Lengths)

$9.90 $39.62

Some lengths may be Dressed All Round and some may have the reeds along the bottom, on any order we will always try to ensure all lengths are the same finish. Please enquire with us by phone or email ([email protected]) if you have any concerns.

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Buy Merbau Decking 70×19 in the Lengths you want!

We are one of only a few sellers of Merbau decking in Melbourne who supply our Merbau Decking 70×19 in set lengths. Others will only sell you random lengths as that is mainly how it comes in from overseas.

Our shorts are cheaper and long lengths do cost a bit more per metre. Our regular builders love being able to buy the lengths they need as it saves them time on labour.

As you can imagine, the lengths are always subject to availability. If you would prefer, drop us a line first and we will check the stock for you.

Please note, 70mm Merbau Decking is currently being supplied in both reeded and Dressed All Round finish. We are unable to source all reeded supply at the moment.


Price per L/M

Random Lengths $5.55
1.8M, 2.1M 2.4M $5.50
2.7M, 3.0M, 3.3M $5.70
3.6M, 3.9M $5.90
4.2M, 4.5M, 4.8M, 5.1M, 5.4M, 5.7M $6.95

Why you should buy your decking from us…

70×19 70 x 19 Set Length

Don’t forget to order Pre Coating Too!

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 300 × 7 × 1.9 mm

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