Spotted Gum Screening Melbourne

Spotted Gum Screening 42mmx19mm (Random Lengths)

Our Dressed All Round Spotted Gum 42×19 (Pencil Edges) is very attractive and versatile timber for all decking or screening applications. At DEMAK our commitment to service and the very best quality timber make us the choice for spotted gum in Melbourne.

Spotted Gum heartwood ranges from light brown through to dark brown.

It machines well due to its natural greasiness and readily accepts paint and polish. It has a lower tannin content than most other eucalyptus species so is less likely to cause problematic tannin stains.

Spotted gum works well as an unseasoned product for the full range of decking or screening applications. Beautiful is appearance and durable underfoot, Spotted Gum is a great choice for your next outdoor project.

Tech Stuff

Density – 1010 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content

Durability above-ground – Class 1 – life expectancy over 40 years

Durability in-ground – Class 2 – life expectancy 15 to 25 years

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