• Adam


    Adam or DEMAK5 as he in known in Thunderbird speak is another of our classy truck drivers operating out of Heathmont. Need it on time and stacked neatly on the naturestrip..? Adam’s your man…

  • Adeleine

    Accounts, Customer Service

    Pronounced Add-a-leen, our now Aussie resident who hails from Zimbabwe. Adz can handle all your account enquiries, is not bad on the sales calls, and has a special magic trick where she makes the contents of a bottle of red disappear…

  • Brett

    Jack of all trades

    Truck Driver, Yardman, Order Picker, Wood Machinist, Welder, Counter Sales, Builder, Mobile Phone Expert… In short, Jack of all trades. If you’re about to ring Heathmont there’s every chance he’ll probably answer the phone too…

  • Daisy

    Machine Shop Manager

    Daisy’s skills as a Fitter and Turner are put to good use alongside his ability to bring service with a smile. He keeps things humming in the workshop, and the yard, and is a valuable back up sales assistant. A long term all rounder.

  • Daniel

    Counter Jumper

    Daniel spends most of his time at Ferntree Gully. His favourite pastimes include giving the run-around to people selling SEO and getting excited about new tools and hardware…

  • Graeme

    Wood Machinist Extraordinaire

    Graeme owns just about every tool known to man… His favourite things to make are Corner Brackets but enjoys the odd set of stairs too…

  • Jack


    Yet another fully qualified chippy and not afraid to rock out the “mo”. When he’s not at work trying to beat Sean to serving the customers first you’ll find him knocking up some nice recycled pieces at home. <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Lumberjacksrtc" target="_blank">Check out Jack’s work ></a>

  • Jake


    You’ll normally find Jake in DEMAK6 skilfully negotiating the dirt back roads of the Dandenongs. Sign the Load Waiver form and he’ll even get it as far up your driveway as possible too…

  • John


    Another of our reliable drivers, John loves driving and delivering timber almost as much as he hates having his photo taken…

  • Kieran

    Counter Jumper

    He religiously follows his beloved Carlton Football Club and when they’re losing he likes to use the time to read timber span tables. Check with him if you’re not sure what size joist to use, with the way the Blues have been playing he’s an expert!

  • Liam

    Customer Service / Yardie

    Liam likes to get around. If he’s not packing orders or serving customers in the yard at Heathmont, you’ll find him inside imparting his wisdom on the phones. Another Carlton supporter so try not to go too hard on him…

  • Mick

    Customer Service / Yardie

    When talking to Mick at Ferntree Gully, please don’t mention Drag Boats, Nitrous Oxide or Big Blocks if you want your conversation to be less than 15 minutes…

  • Ryan

    Driver / Yardie

    Ryan is our resident qualified Chippy. Mainly working weekends, hit him up for that next bit of building advice.

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