Cutek Colourtone (to tint Cutek products)

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Product Description

The purpose of Cutek Colourtone is to maintain a freshly oiled look, that enhances the natural grain,  and must be used in conjunction with other Cutek products, namely CUTEK WOOD PRESERVATIVE –  CUTEK CD50 OILCUTEK EXTREME OIL

Colourtone is available in 10 tones – Autumntone, Black Ash, Burnt Red, Chestnut, Goldtone, Grey Mist, Rustic Gold, Sela Brown, Walnut and New Bronze.  Colours are created to match most timbers.  Best results are obtained by using a tone close to the natural colour

One can of Colourtone is required to each 5 litres of Cutek penetrating oil products, ie 10 litre oil needs 2 cans of colourtone. Be sure to follow recommendations precisely

Cutek Colourtone is a unique timber staining process that does not build up, flake and peel.  Instead it gradually fades, and works best reapplied 6 months after first coat, as timber has become more porous by then and will accept more of the stain.


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Autumntone, Black Ash, Blondetone, Browntone, Burnt Red, Cedartone, Chestnut, Cornish Gold, Cypress, Goldtone, Greenstone, Grey Mist, Rustic Gold, Sela Brown, Smokey Grey, Walnut, New Bronzetone

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